Events in time connected
in an innovative platform

An interactive experience, where you can explore stories in
a visual way, accessing a network of content produced by
institutions from different parts of the world.
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Create timelinesand share your stories!

Timelinefy is a space for creativity, learning and innovation.

A cross-disciplinary environment where users can discover connections between multiple historical or current events in a contextualised and comparative way.

It is remarkable how wide and rich the range of data and knowledge we can shape into a timeline: exhibitions, journals, manuals, research, archive inventory, educational content, learning activities or cultural mediation and more.

The possibilities and results are countless.


Museums represent a place for possible dialogue between past, present, and future. Besides housing the records of time, they are a vehicle at the service of knowledge.

We believe that the stories that museums have to tell are important and that they transform society. We want these stories to be accessed and understood by as many people as possible. We discovered that telling these stories through timelines is a more accessible, more engaging, and motivating way to learn.

products and services
products and services
products and services
Digital communication to attract visitors
Investing on digital the Museum will be visible on the web and in the networks.
Generate new revenue
Promoting the history of your collections or institution could increase the number of visitors.
National and international outreach
By starting a digital space the organization creates a communication channel without borders with its audience.
The visitor closer to the physical space
By encouraging the public to access the content before, during and after their visits, Timelinefy brings them closer to the Museum space.
Visits anywhere and at any time
By making your content available virtually you allow your museum permanently open everywhere in the world.
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